iVantage flavored components for React

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iVantage flavored components for React.


First, install Yeoman and generator-ivh-react-component using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-ivh-react-component

Then generate your new project:

yo ivh-react-component

Later, you can update your component to take advantage of changes made to this generator:

yo ivh-react-component:update

Note that this will try to

Now go forth and build components.

What's in the Box

A minimal yet featureful boilerplate for building React components.

  • Bundling with webpack
  • Testing with Jest and Enzyme
  • Test coverage a la Jest
  • ES6 transpilation with iVantage presets

Packages Explained

There's nothing worse than having a brand new boilerplate project dumped in your lap with a ten mile long list of dependencies and no explanation for how things tie together. We've done our best to keep things minimal while hitting all the required features. This section provides a brief explanation (and justification) of the included packages.

We use the babel transpiler to turn es6 (es2015) JavaScript and JSX into JavaScript of today. The various babale plugins unluck different features for us.

  • "babel-core"
  • "babel-preset-react-app"
  • "babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-commonjs"

Jest is our test runner, it provides code coverage reports and interactive test running capabilities. Enzyme is a special library with some handy utilities for testing with React elements.

  • "enzyme"
  • "eslint"
  • "eslint-config-ivantage"
  • "eslint-plugin-react"
  • "jest"

This is a react component afterall. We need the library itself as well as some helpers which allow us to run tests and render elements.

  • "react"
  • "react-addons-shallow-compare"
  • "react-addons-test-utils"
  • "react-dom"

We use postcss to add some post-processing steps to our css. For example, autoprefixer adds vendor specific prefixes to your css automatically and as needed. You may optionally include include support for importing scss files via node-sass.

  • "autoprefixer"
  • "postcss-custom-properties"
  • "node-sass"

Webpack is responsible for bundling all our code together and resolving any require and imports. Pretty much any module that ends in -loader is around to let webpack correctly load and package up files. Note that the sass-loader is only optionally included.

  • "webpack"
  • "babel-loader"
  • "postcss-loader"
  • "css-loader"
  • "sass-loader"
  • "style-loader"

Like a cross platform rm -rf, rimraf is just around to make cleaning old build artifacts easy. Similarly cross-env let's us set environment variables for our scripts in a way that isn't platform dependent.

  • "rimraf"
  • "cross-env"

Package Versions

Package versions will be kept in sync with create-react-app where they overlap. This is done to maximize hoisting in monorepo workflows.


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