Java + Spring + JPA + EmberJS complete dev stack

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Jhipster Ember Generator

Yeoman generator base on JHipster which describes itself as

"Hipster stack for Java developers. Yeoman + Maven + Spring + AngularJS in one handy generator."

This fork brings the following changes or differences:

  • Gradle instead of Maven as build system
  • EmberJS instead of AngularJS
  • MongoDB as an optional data storage
  • Redis as the only Cache option
  • PostgreSQL as the only SQL storage option
  • Java 8 ready (more like Java 8 only)
  • Security via OAuth2 using Spring Security
  • Stormpath as an optional authorization service
  • Heroku deployment ready
  • Docker ready


Install Yeoman:

> npm install -g yo

Install Ember CLI:

> npm install -g ember-cli

Install Bower:

> npm install -g bower

Install JHipster Ember:

> npm install -g generator-jhipster-ember


  • PostgreSQL or MongoDB (optional if using docker)
  • Java 8
  • Docker (optional)
  • Fig (optional)
  • Direnv (optional but usefull if using Docker)
  • Boot2docker (is using Docker on OS X)

If you want to use Stormpath

  • A free account in Stormpath place the file in ~/.config/stormpath/


> mkdir my_proyect
> cd my_proyect
> yo jhipster-ember

To run the generated application

Storage service can be started using Docker and Fig

For example:

> fig up -d postgresql

Then start the app:

> ./gradlew bootRun

On a different terminal session run the UI with livereload and all the good stuff (provided by ember-cli)

> ./gradlew emberServer

Yes a full gradle workflow!!

Goto http://localhost:4200/ login with marisssa@koala.test/123Queso@

If you want to run the app fully dockerized just do > fig up


  • Change the name (maybe)


As for this fork only, not the original project

  • YĆ«co


I like to thank Julien Dubois and all the collaborators of the original JHipster generator.