JHipster module, Stormpath integration for JHipster application

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Stormpath Module for JHipster

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JHipster module, Stormpath API integration for Authorization


This is a JHipster module, that is meant to be used in a JHipster application.


This module installs Stormpath's Spring Boot, Spring Security and AngularJS support and configures everything for you.

You will need a free Stormpath account and API keys installed to use your application after installing this module.

Specifically, this module configures your JHipster application to use the following Stormpath features:

  • Login
  • Logout
  • User Registration
  • Forgot Password

Features we hope to add in a future release:

  • Change Password
  • User Management
  • Internationalization


As this is a JHipster module, we expect you have JHipster and its related tools already installed.

This module requires JHipster >= 3.0 in order to work.

npm install -g generator-jhipster-stormpath

Install Stormpath on a JHipster generated application:

yo jhipster-stormpath

NOTE: To see the Administration menu, you will need a ROLE_ADMIN group configured in Stormpath. Only users in this group will be able to see the Administration menu.


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