It creates a folder structure for a JS library

Usage no npm install needed!

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JSLib Generator

Yeoman generator that scaffolds a JS library.

  • It creates a directory structure to organize your files:
    ├── src (the sources of your library)
    │   └── main.js (the main file of your library)
    ├── build (all your scripts concatenated ready for distribution)
    │   └── lib-name.js
    ├── deps (your non bower non npm library 3rd party dependencies)
    ├── test (the code of your tests)
    ├── doc (the API documentation)
    ├── examples (your library examples)
    ├── bower.json (front end dependencies)
    ├── package.json (package publication and build system dependencies)
    ├── .gitignore (files that git omits)
    ├── editorconfig (coding style rules)
    ├── .bowerrc (directory where bower installs dependencies)
    └── .jshintrc (file for jshint to enfore coding style rules)
  • It generates bower.json and package.json files for publication and dependedency management
  • It uses gulp as build system

Getting Started

  • Install dependencies: npm install --global yo bower
  • Install the generator: npm install --global generator-jslibrary
  • Create a directory for your new library mkdir my-lib; cd my-lib
  • Run yo jslibrary to scaffold your new library
  • Run gulp to build the library in to the build directory