Yeoman generator for Kiwi.js plugins

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Kiwi.js Plugins Yeoman Generator (generator-kiwiplugin) V1.0.6

To learn what yeoman is go here: Yeoman generator

What does it do?

The Kiwi.js Plugins Yeoman Generator lets you easily create a blank plugin for Kiwi.js from a template. It sets up the folder structure and all the files you need to get going.

What you need

You'll need to install node.js. Make sure you have git installed and referenced in your path.

How to install

To install the kiwi.js plugins generator

$ npm install -g generator-kiwiplugin

Using the generator

You're now ready to start generating game templates.

1 Create a folder for your plugin and navigate into that folder

2 Initiate the generator

$ yo kiwiplugin

3 Answer the questions that Yeoman asks you.

4 Wait for Yeoman to install your plugin.

5 Run grunt to build your plugin

$ grunt

6 Optionally you can the following to start a server on localhost:9000 which defaults to the plugin root

$ grunt serve