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Dutchwebworks Yeoman generator for Vagrant Wordpress setup

By Dennis Burger, april 2016

A Yeoman generator for creating a basic Vagrant setup for use with a Ubuntu virtual-machine for local Wordpress development.


One time installation

Make sure NodeJS is installed by going to the NodeJS website, download and install it for your operating system. This will also make the npm command-line tool available.

Open a command-line window (Terminal or MS-DOS) and type the following to globally (-g) install the above required NPM components all in one go:

npm install -g yo

Download this Yeoman generator

Before you can use this generator you need to download it. Run the command below to globally install this generator.

npm install -g generator-dwwvagrant

Check globally installed NPM packages

To view your globally installed NPM list type the following. The new Yeoman generator should be listed here.

npm ls -g --depth=0

Using this generator in a new project

Create and cd to a new (empty) project directory where we'll use this generator as a starting point for a new project. Now type:

yo dwwvagrant

Yeoman questions

You will be greated by Yeoman and it will ask you some basic questions regarding this project. This meta-data information is used inside some of the Yeoman generated files, like: Vagrantfile, and your project's file.

Unlinking this Yeoman generator

To unlink this Yeoman generator, type:

npm uninstall -g generator-dwwgrunt