Simple, unassuming generator for kotlin projects

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Simple Kotlin generator that only adds exactly what you need to get running.


There are other generators, some of which may no longer be maintained, or which simply have too large of a scope. This generator is primarily designed to quickly get up and running with a basic scaffolding for a gradle-based Kotlin project without needing to rely on an IDE-based setup process and avoiding the common pitfalls (no manifest, no bundled dependencies, not having the stdlib, etc).


npm install -g generator-kotlin-simple


yo kotlin-simple

This will default to the JVM target.

The prompts are unassuming (there are many), so you only end up with what you need, but with reasonable defaults aimed to avoid common pitfalls if you spam the return key.

JS Target

yo kotlin-simple:js

This will begin generating a Kotlin2JS project.


  • Generate a gradle-based JVM-targeting kotlin application.


I use this for work and my own interests, so I will be maintaining it and adding more usability features. These will like be specific to my work usage and interests of course, but may be useful to others. Of course, I will review pull-requests if you like the project but want feature x and want it now! The general spirit of this project is to maintain simplicity, but this does not mean avoiding any complexity. More complex targets will be added as subgenerators where it makes sense, with the end goal of keeping reasonable defaults for most common uses, but flexibility where needed for more complex projects.

Future Updates Planned (not in order):

  • Prompt for reflection libs
  • Kotlin-Native generator
  • Ktor scaffolding for a variety of project types, with other useful supplementary libs (JSON, requests, IOC/DE)
  • Configuration storage
  • Suggestions?