AWS Lambda function generator.

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AWS Lambda function generator.

What it can do:

  • Lambda function create/update/delete wrap.
  • Connecting lambda to inputed S3 bucket with selected event
  • Test code locally
  • Provide test json in test directory, json files are same as the provide at the Lambda online test page. You can append or edit it definitely.

Getting Started

Install and use generator

# install generator
npm install -g generator-lambda

# run
yo lambda

Work with the generated lambda function


├── Makefile
├── index.js
├── package.json
├── test
│   ├── ctx.js
│   ├── helloworld.json
│   ├── s3_delete.json
│   ├── s3_put.json
│   └── sns.json
└── test.js
  • index.js Function code here, please do not change the file name, if you want, please change the Makefile too.
  • Makefile Wrap of aws cli, provide function create/update/delete
  • package.json Any extra dependency here, use npm i --save for reuse.
  • test.js Use node test.js to test locally, feel free to edit the file as you want

Makefile integrated

# create function, and connect it with inputed s3 bucket
make create

# update function code

# run code locally
make test

# delete function
make delete