"Library in CoffeeScript" generator for Yeoman.

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generator-libco Build Status

A generator for Yeoman intended for library project (written in CoffeeScript) skeleton generation in order to reduce tedious repetitive work.


yo libco

This generator creates following folders:

  • modules
  • tests/data
  • tests/modules

It also creates following files:

  • modules/
  • tests/data/data.txt
  • .gitattributes
  • .gitignore
  • .travis.yml
  • package.json

Package.json is fully initialized including test NPM task which runs all tests with coverage report generation at the end.

yo libco:module

This subgenerator creates following files:

  • modules/.coffee
  • tests/modules/

Getting Started

Install generator-libco using NPM

npm install generator-libco -g

Create folder for your project

mkdir mylib && cd $_

Run libco generator

yo libco

Once library skeleton is generated, start module (unit) creation

yo libco:module Entity


MIT License