A Yeoman generator for littlest-isomorph scaffolding.

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Littlest-Isomorph Generator

A Yeoman generator for common Littlest scaffolding.

Getting Started

  1. Ensure you have Yeoman installed: which yo
  • If not, it can be installed with: npm install -g yo
  1. Install the Littlest generator: npm install -g generator-littlest-isomorph
  2. To create a new project, run yo littlest-isomorph in an empty directory.

What are all these Opinions doing here?

To give a better indication of how its original authors are using Littlest-Isomorph, some of their common practices are built into this generator:

  • BEM
  • Express
  • LESS
  • Normalize.css

That said, they're all added at this level of abstraction, and none of them are required to use littlest-isomorph. Delete at will, and replace with your own preferences. We sincerely hope there's not enough of that code to make deleting it more painful than the documentation they provide by existing in the first place.