Yeoman Generator for loopback-angular-ui-router

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Yeoman Generator for loopback-angular-ui-router

A Yeoman generator to scaffold websites hosting a LoopBack REST API presented using an AngularJS and Bootstrap (CSS) frontend. It aims to scaffold the construction of a full-stack website and aid the developer by offering a simple user experience to do that. All the hard stuff is already taken care of for you by a toolchain of robust, popular and conceptually similar libraries and tools.

See loopback-angular-ui-router for features and instructions and why this generator is going to save you a ton of time getting started with LoopBack and AngularJS.


  1. Install the generator by running: npm install -g generator-loopback-angular-ui-router
  2. Run: yo loopback-angular-ui-router
  3. Check out loopback-angular-ui-router to learn more about this generator's features.
  4. Start building a website with LoopBack and AngularJS!


Jeff Rose, @DigiMachinist

Copyright and License

Code and documentation copyright 2015 Jeff Rose. Code released under the MIT license.