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generator-angular-crud-custom-module is basically Yeoman generator,which generate controller,services and view files of given module. To generate dynamic form from given fields of module, we used angular formly.

Getting Started

To use generator-angular-curd generator, please go through below steps.

  1. Install `yo`.

    npm install -g yo
  2. Install `generator-angular-crud-custom-module` from npm.

    npm install -g generator-angular-crud
  3. To initiate the generator, create a new folder and change terminal directory to the folder, Run:

    yo angular-crud
    This command will generate following items:
    • app
      • modules
        • common
          • assets
          • directives.js
          • filters.js
          • startUpController.js
      • vendor
      • app.js
      • appConfig.js
      • index.html
    • gulp
    • .bowerrc
    • bower.json
  4. To create dynamic module, run:

    yo angular-crud:module
    This will asked you couple of questions.Like module name,path to generate it and fields of the module. After applying this command, controllers,services and view files of this module will be generated and generated items:
    Lets take `customer` as module
    • customer
      • views
        • customers.html
        • addCustomer.html
        • editCustomer.html
        • deleteCustomer.html
      • customerController.js
      • customerServices.js
If you want to add more modules,then repeat step 4.


Lets create Customer contact application for your organization,in which you can maintain customers and employees information.Create a new folder and apply below steps:

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-angular-crud
yo angular-crud

Last command will asked you application name, so lets give it as customerContactApp

yo angular-crud:module


Here,add/update form is generated by angular formly. So if you want to add extra fields that are not provided in this generator,then add it manually to controller file of that module.