Yeoman generator for an app starter using Marionette, React, Gulp and Browserify

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Mariongulpreactify Generator


  • Require() modules with Browserify
  • Watchify for super fast browserify rebuilds
  • Gulp tasks
  • Built-in static server with BrowserSync
  • compiles CoffeeScript
  • compile Less or CSS
  • image optimization
  • Shim browser dependencies with browserify-shim
  • Error Notifications in Notification Center


This generator relies on the following technologies:

Run the generator

  • Install: npm install -g generator-mariongulpreactify
  • Run: yo mariongulpreactify

Inside your new app

If you've never used Node or npm before, you'll need to install Node. If you use homebrew, do:

brew install node

Otherwise, you can download and install from here.

Install Gulp Globally

Gulp must be installed globally in order to use the command line tools.

npm install -g gulp

Install npm dependencies

npm install

This runs through all dependencies listed in package.json and downloads them to a node_modules folder in your project directory.

Install bower dependencies

bower install

Run gulp


Run gulp with Tests / Coverage Reports

Make sure you've required all your tests in 'test/'. In a new window, you can run.

gulp test

TODO: make this run automatically whenever changes occur in src and client code.