Yeoman generator for initial project scaffold used by the Mechanic team

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Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a delightful front-end web app using flight.js, gulp, and vagrant. Used with love by the team at Mechanic.


Please see our gulpfile.js for a look behind the curtain. But here's the overview:

  • Flight.js provides the glue that holds everything together, and otherwise gets out of the way
  • Built-in preview server with BrowserSync 2.x
  • CSS Autoprefixing
  • Custom Modernizr builds
  • Sass compilation using the awesome libsass
  • A separate build script for production releases
  • Source maps everywhere!
  • A basic LAMP environment provided by Vagrant

Getting Started

  • Install dependencies: npm install --global yo bower
  • Install the generator: npm install --global generator-mechanic
  • Run yo mechanic to scaffold your webapp
  • Follow the directions and select what you need. The Mechanic will let you know what to do next, and answers are only a README away!