OpenHIM Mediator generator for Java

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OpenHIM Core


A Yeoman generator for scaffolding a Java-based OpenHIM mediator based on the Java Engine.

Getting Started

It's quick to get up and running. First install yeoman and this generator, and then run the generator:

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-mediator-java
mkdir my-mediator
cd my-mediator
yo mediator-java

The generator will prompt you with several questions for your mediator and will then setup the scaffold. When done, simply run

mvn install

to build the mediator.

The mediator is packaged as a stand-alone jar and can be executed as follows:

java -jar mediator-x.y.x-jar-with-dependencies.jar --conf

The .jar can be found in target/ and a default set of properties in src/main/resources/

Certificate Issues

If you're using the OpenHIM with a self-signed certificate, this tutorial should help you setup your local JRE to accomodate the HIM's certificate.


Out of the box the scaffolded mediator will be compatible with version 1.4+ of the OpenHIM Core. Note however that it will be fully compatible with 2.0+ as well. If for some reason you require the mediator to be 1.2+ compatible, you can easily allow this by disabling the heartbeats. To do so simply set mediator.heartbeats to false in