A generator for Metaproject Applications

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The Metaproject Generator

A Yeoman generator for Metaproject applications.

This is alpha-software

We're getting ready for a stable release.

Getting Started

To run this generator, you'll need NPM, Yeoman and Bower installed

$ npm install -g yo
$ npm install -g bower


To install generator-metaproject from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-metaproject

Finally, initiate the generator on app_root:

$ cd /path/to/app_root
$ yo metaproject

Application Structure

[app root]
    `- app/
        `- core/
        `- modules/
          `- base/
          `- index.js
          `- models.js
        `- main.js
        `- script.js
        `- style.css
        `- index.html
  • The app/ directory stores the public application files.

    • app/core holds the core framework
    • main.js bootstraps the application
    • script.js Additional scripts
    • style.css Additional styles
    • index.html Main app structure
  • Every module is self contained and stored under app/modules

    • The base module is defined in app/modules/base/module
    • app/modules/index.js holds the modules url mapping
    • app/modules/models.js defines the shared Data Models used by the application.

Modules are framework-agnostic. The architecture, provided by BoilerplateJS, demonstrates the best practices for integrating your libraries for large scale product development.

Module Generator

You can add additional modules to your application using the module subgenerator

yo metaproject:module name

Creates a default module with separate viewmodel.js and submodule support.

yo metaproject:module name --simple

Creates a simple module with inline viewModel and a single endpoint.

For detailed examples, please check the Skeleton reference Application and the Building Skeleton post


MIT License