Yeoman generator for Mozu Apps

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Mozu App generator

Maintainer: James Zetlen

A Mozu App Generator that scaffolds a directory with some basic tools common to all types of Mozu App (Integrations, Extensions/Actions, and Themes).

screenshot of generator in action


First, install Yeoman's command line tool if you haven't already!

npm install -g yo

Yeoman looks for globally installed NPM packages that identify themselves as Yeoman generators. So globally install the mozu-app package!

npm install -g generator-mozu-app

Make a new directory and cd into it:

mkdir new-mozu-app && cd new-mozu-app

Run yo mozu-app:

yo mozu-app

Configuring An Existing App

Often you'll find yourself downloading a Mozu App or Arc.js Action from a colleague or from a public repository. You can configure existing code to upload to your Mozu Developer Account just by adding a mozu.config.json file in the working directory. The App Generator can do that, and only that, for you if you pass the --config option:

$ git clone
  Cloning into 'some-mozu-action'...complete.

$ cd some-mozu-action

$ yo mozu-app --config

It will prompt you only for the information it needs to create a configuration file. It will not store your password in plaintext; it only uses your password to download your list of developer accounts at the time that it runs.


  • --configure

    Only create a mozu.config.json file. Use this option to add existing code to an application in your developer account.

  • --skip-install

    Skips the automatic execution of npm install after scaffolding has finished.

  • --skip-prompts

    Often you may find yourself rerunning the generator in the same directory. Your answers to prompts are saved; if you want to quickly re-run the generator without prompts, use this option. Will not work if you've never run the generator in this directory before.

  • --quick

    Equivalent to --skip-install --skip-prompts.

  • --internal

    Allows integration with non-production Mozu environments. The prompts will include an extra question about which environment to sync with.