Scaffold out a node module

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generator-nm-typescript Node.js CI

Scaffold out a node module


Features and differences of this fork (original generator nm):

  • Fully reworked to TypeScript (AVA + TypeScript + ts-node)
  • Use Yarn
  • Generate a module OR a CLI (not both merged)
  • Replaced Travis with Github Actions
  • Keep Yarn lock files
  • package.json engine to node >=10
  • Added Prettier configuration
  • Added lots of badges at the top of the README
  • Added Related section at the end of the README
  • Added README screenshot
  • Made LICENSE and README uppercase
  • CLI mode add update-notifier
  • CLI mode GitHub repo link in help message
  • CLI mode import package having package name without -cli and show it in the README Related section
  • Removed .editorconfig/.npmrc
  • Removed xo/nyc/codecov
  • Set full website URL instead of humanized

Generation examples


$ yarn global add yo generator-nm-typescript


With yo:

$ yo nm-typescript

There are multiple command-line options available:

$ yo nm-typescript --help

    yo nm-typescript [options]

    --help          # Print the generator's options and usage
    --cli           # Make a CLI
    --no-cli        # Make a module
    --skip-cache    # Do not remember prompt answers                      Default: false
    --skip-install  # Do not automatically install dependencies           Default: false