Yeoman generator for creating node ES next (ES6, ES7) projects, using traceur and ES6 module loader.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Getting Started

Install generator-node-esnext.

$ npm i -g generator-node-esnext

Create a directory for your node es6 package. Then cd into it.

$ mkdir <node-esnext-package> && cd <node-esnext-package>

Finally, initiate the generator:

$ yo node-esnext


Within your package the generator provides the following commands.


  • npm run build - Compiles ES6+ modules/code to ES5 CommonJS modules/code
  • npm run start - Execute your package. Only works if your package should run from the command line.
  • npm run watch - Watches src directory and rebuilds on changes.

The generator expects a few conventions. They are easy to change if they are not found to be suitable.


  • source code for your npm package is found in a src directory.
  • compiled ES6+ code is outputed to the out directory.
  • the package main module is located at src\index.js.