Scaffold out an ES6 node module

Usage no npm install needed!

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Scaffold out an ES6 node module

For whom?

For us and you. Specifically suitable for:

  • nordnet’s open-source and internal projects (yep, we kinda lazy)
  • for other companies’s open-source projects
  • for personal open-source node modules

Extra questions:

Generator will ask several questions. Main question is do you want to create corporate or your own project? Not less important question is do you want to open-source your new project or not?

corporate? Yn

Positive answer will lead to few questions about your company (name, github, site) and answers will be reflected almost only in License section.

open-source? Yn

Positive answer will lead to github optimised workflow, otherwize you will be asked about publishConfig url and end up with custom stash'n'jenkins flow.

transparent-banking example


npm install --global yo generator-nordnet-es-module


# create folder for your project
mkdir transparent-banking
cd transparent-banking

# run generator
yo nordnet-es-module

# make initial commit
git init
git commit -am 'init commit'


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