AngularJS applications scaffold by Oldmen team

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Generator for boostraping AngularJS applications by Oldmen team

Yeoman generator

Getting Started

Install Yeoman

npm install -g yo

Install generator-oldmen:

npm install -g generator-oldmen

Using generator

Starter template:


mkdir my-new-project
cd my-new-project
yo oldmen

It will create starter Oldmen template of a project including package.json, bower.json, Gruntfile.js and basic assets.

Template includes by default:

And number of grunt dependencies which you can see in package.json.

Asset generation:

This generator is tightly integrated with grunt-oldmen-build to simplify files management and packaging in project.

Basically, this tool generates files that are compatible with Oldmen Grunt task and they are picked up and included in build straight away.

There are number of assets that can be generated:

  • config
  • run
  • constant
  • filter
  • directive
  • service
  • model
  • controller

To invoke specific generator run:

yo oldmen:controller /users/new


yo oldmen:directive focus-on

Controller generator will create html at proper location and add proper route in configs/router.js as a comment.