Yeoman generator for CraftCMS, Gulp, Browserify, Zurb Foundation and Babel

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Yeoman generator for Craft, Zurb Foundation, Gulp, Browserify, Babel


  • Craft
  • Gulp
  • Browserify (with babel transform)
  • Zurb Foundation
  • BrowserSync


To get all the goodness:

mkdir your-project-name && cd your-project-name
yo origin-craft

NOTE: Craft is subject to licensing. This generator assumes you have read the terms of the Craft License Agreement, which are available here

This will:

  • Download latest version of Craft and unzip it
  • Drop the default templates into craft/templates
  • Drop some default multi-environment config into craft/config
    • It will assume that you create a local virtualhost with 'local.' in the hostname
    • It will assume that you run your staging with '.staging.' in the hostname
    • It will assume your databases are running at localhost
    • You might have to change the username/passwords in craft/config/db.php
    • There are no real differences between production and staging enviroments, but the config block are there for convenience

You develop in the src directory. Running


in the command line will run the development target, watch your files and move the results into the public directory, from where it will be served by Craft.


gulp build

will tarball the entire application (with Craft) so you can move it to the server where it is supposed to run, and untar it there.

gulp release

Will do the exact same as gulp build, but will also bump the patch version number and create a svn tag


Because of a bug in decompress-unzip (which yo uses) you have to run the following commands in the root of the project (for now)

sudo find . -type f  -exec chmod 644 {} \;

This is to ensure the correct permissions on the downloaded and unzipped files