A Yeoman generator for Laravel packages.

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Laravel Package Generator

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What's this all about

Packager will quickly and easily scaffold a Laravel package, getting you up and running within a few seconds.

It will generate the necessary files such as a service provider and a composer file, it will also install your package as a local depenedency while also generating placeholder directories for migrations, translations etc.

The service provider will be configured with all the correct settings for loading and/or publishing your assets. Just uncomment what you need and you're done.


This Package is dependend on Yeoman Generator. If you haven't installed already, install the Yeoman generator:

npm install -g yo

After that, install the this generator:

npm i -g generator-packager

This will install the generator globally so yo can access it by yo packager.

Using the generator

Run the following command:

yo packager

and follow the instructions.

Using your generated package

Generator will Automatically install the Package Generated.

After the composer.json file has been updated, run the composer update command:

composer update

This will update all dependancies in you Laravel Application.

Note: If you update your package's composer.json file, you need to run the composer update command again to update the app's autoloader.

This is only necessary for the composer.json file. Changes in any other files in your package will be automatically updated thanks to the symlink.



  • Dependancies
    - georgechitechi/cool
    - laravel/framework
    - yeoman/generator-generator

All dependancies are installed Out of the Box.





If you discover any security-related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker. Security issues will be addressed promptly.