Create Phaser Web games with ease.

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Create Phaser Web games with ease.

generator-phaser-plus is a Yeoman generator that makes starting up Phaser 3 game projects dead simple.

Quick Start

NOTE: Assuming you have at least Node.js v6.12 installed.

  1. Download and install generator-phaser-plus from npm:

    New on v3.0.0: Installing Yeoman to use generator-phaser-plus is completely optional.

    npm install --global generator-phaser-plus
  2. Create a directory for your new project and go into it:

    mkdir my-awesome-game/
    cd my-awesome-game/
  3. Start a new game project:

    Run phaser-plus and fill in the short questionnaire with your new game details.

  4. Launch it!

    npm start

Visit the project page on GitHub to learn more.


This software is distributed under the terms of the MIT License.