Progressive web application template with Polymer App Toolbox and Vaadin Elements

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Vaadin Elements application template

Vaadin Elements application is a progressive web application template done with Polymer App Toolbox and Vaadin components.

Screenshot of the Vaadin Elements Application


Follow the steps in the Vaadin Elements Application Template tutorial to create and run your application.


Running locally

In order to be able to try the generator from local, clone this repository and type the following command in the project root directory:

$ npm link

This will install the dependencies and will create a global link to this module. Now, when you create a new app using this template by running $ polymer init vaadin-elements-app, your cloned repository will be used.

Testing the generator

In this project, there are unit tests for the generator part as well as application tests for the generated application.

The application tests are based on the Web Component Tester. Please make sure that it is installed and the wct command is available in your PATH. Otherwise, run the following command to install it:

$ npm install -g web-component-tester

In order to run the tests, type the following command in the project directory:

$ npm test

This will run the unit tests, as well as generate and test the application in a temporary path.

You can also run the unit tests and the application tests separately using the $ npm run test:unit and $ npm run test:e2e commands respectively.


See the contribution instructions which apply to this project as well.


Apache License 2.0