generator-qr generator package for yeoman

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README generator package for Yeoman

This is an internal project of, to ease the components and views creation of our app.


First, make sure you have Yeoman installed:

$ npm install -g yo

Then, install this generator:

$ npm install -g generator-qr


$ yo qr:option

The options allowed are:

  • component: to create a new component in our app;
  • page: to create a page, with a route linked.
$ yo qr:component

The generator will ask for a component name (use "hyphen-case") and where to save the component; the default place to create a new component is qr-components, assuming you will create a generic component to the app.

Finally, the generator will ask if you would like to overwrite a file; this file is the file which exports the component to the rest of the app. So you should accept it.

$ yo qr:page

The generator will ask for a page name (use "hyphen-case") and where to create the page.


To contribute with this repository:

  • First you need to fork the project
  • Create a branch with a meaningful name
  • Modify the project as you see fit
  • To test it manually, run:
$ npm link
// It will link this module to current node_modules that has this module (problably global one)
  • run the command you want to see the changes (probably yo qr component)
  • rinse and repeat :)
  • Later, open a pull request to the main repository.

Troubles & sugestions

This is still a work in progress project, so please, if you find any problem or have some sugestion, don't hesitate to open an issue or even a pull request.