A Yeoman Generator for facebook's React framework. It includes gulp, browserify, livereload and famous official Twitter bootstrap Sass version.

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generator-react-gulp-browserify Build Status

Yeoman generator for facebook's React library - Integrate with gulp and browserify.

What's new?

  • Added watchify support
  • We use browserify extension instead of gulp extension
  • Autorun bower install & npm install by default

What's inside?


  • Gulp
  • Bower
  • jQuery
  • Browserify
  • Reactify - Help to transform JSX (consider to use babelify later)
  • Watchify support! (Sourcemap also!)
  • livereload (BrowserSync)


  • Sass with Compass
  • Bootstrap - Twitter Bootstrap's official Sass version
  • Modernizr
  • Jade for HTML templates (I think jade is no longer necessary if we create UI with JavaScript)
  • CoffeeScript for JavaScript
  • Jest for unit tests

Environment requirements

  • node.js 0.12 (I suggest to use nvm to manage your node environment.)
  • Sass >= 3.4 if you want to use Sass

Getting Started

$ npm install -g yo                                # Install Yeoman (if you don't have it yet)...
$ npm install -g generator-react-gulp-browserify   # ...then install this generator...
$ yo react-gulp-browserify                         # ...and run it.

If you chose to use sass, you'll need to install it with gem install sass. If you find your css build results are empty, update your sass gem.

Output folders

scripts - /scripts
styles - /styles
fonts - /fonts

Now, when everything is ready, run the watch task and begin to develop your React components.

$ gulp watch

How to run test?
Currently, I prefer to run test tasks from npm. Please run this command.

$ npm test

After development, you can run this task to generate production code.

$ gulp build