Yeoman generator for ReactJS Component components with 'inline styles'

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Yeoman generator for React Components

Builds a React Component project with useful gulp tasks for development, build and publishing.

See react-component-gulp-tasks for documentation on how to use the gulp tasks.

Getting Started

Install the generator:

npm install -g generator-react-inline

Then run the generator:

yo react-inline

... and follow the prompts.

How to develop your component


Your component source code is in src. You can use JSX and ES6 syntax freely in your component source; it will be transpiled to lib with Babel before being published to npm so that your users will simply be able to include it.

It's a great idea to add a description, documentation and other information to your file, to help people who are interested in using your component.

Example & Preview

Preview your component with LiveReload:

npm start

A webserver will be started on localhost:8000 running the examples in example/src.

You can use this playpen to test your component, and then publish it as live examples to GitHub Pages, which is a great way to let potential users try out your component and see what it can do.

Lint your code!

npm run lint

Your code will be linted with ESLint, using the Babel parser and the React plugin. You can customise the settings by editing the .eslintrc file.

Build and Publish

npm run build

This will build your lib, dist and example/dist folders ready for release.

You can then publish your component to npm and GitHub Pages by running:

npm run release

Other npm scripts


Just run the examples server; no code will be built or watched, everything in example/dist will be served on localhost:8000.


Usually run as part of the release script, this will copy the contents of example/dist to your gh-pages branch and push it.


This task watches the src folder for changes, and builds automatically into lib. This is useful if you are developing your component in another project using npm link.


I'd love to hear it. Open an issue or submit a PR.


MIT. Copyright (c) Jed Watson and Michael Chan 2015.

Copyright for portions of project generator-react-component are held by Jed Watson 2014 as part of project generator-react-inline. All other copyright for project generator-react-inline are held by Michael Chan 2015.