A React/jspm Full Project generator, using Redux

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A Yeoman Generator for React, Redux, and jspm

app generator (default)

Takes one argument, name, which will be used in the package.json file and the index.html.

This generator sets up a new project in the current directory with

  • A node server
  • A src directory for all client JavaScript
    • Standard redux boilerplate for store, actions, and reducers
    • A main.js file that bootstraps the app
    • A containers directory with boilerplate components
  • package.json
    • jspm configured to run and build out of the src folder
    • dependencies and devDependencies already configured for
      • React
      • Redux
      • Stylus
      • PM2
    • Scripts for
      • Building or watching assets/stylus
      • Packaging jspm with self-executing bundling

component generator (sub-generator)

Takes one argument, name, which is used for the filename and the class name of the component. Casing will be handled automatically: camelCase for the file, PascalCase for the class name.

Creates a file with empty boilerplate for an ES6 class component, including imports for React, Component, and PropTypes.