Yeoman generator for react lib with typescript

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Yeoman generator for react lib with typescript


Install Yeoman first:

npm install -g yo

Then you can install this generator

npm install -g generator-react-lib-ts


Of course you can also do it with Yarn or integrate it into your npm/yarn scripts

Generating a new component

# make sure yo and generator-react-lib-ts is installed globally or let npm/scripts to do it.
yo react-lib-ts

# Then the generator will ask you to input the name of your library, the path for your lib folder,
# and let you choose the type for your library.


The following commands are available in your project:

# build your library. The output is uglified umd bundle with source map files.
yarn build

# run tests. Powered by jest.
yarn test

# linting your code.
yarn lint

# start local storybook demos
yarn storybook

# build local static storybook output
yarn build:demo

Release notes


  • Refresh the whole pipeline. Brand new build, lint processes.
  • Introduces storybook for better local develop experience.


  • Sass support for custom styling.


  • Test performance optimazation.
  • Better tslint rules and tsconfig for better readibility(Not compatible with older rules)


  • If you want to create a component based on fabric-ui, you will see the option to support it!


  • Upgrading to react 16.8.2
  • Adding functional component with react hooks template
  • Fixed tsconfig issues and tslint issues.


  • Embrace babel to compile typescript. ts-loader deprecated.
  • Allow "yarn run dev" to start a live demo page on your localhost:8080 with HMR support.
  • Update docs