Opinionated Yeoman generator for generating robust React app structure.

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Yeoman generator-reactux

Opinionated Yeoman generator for generating robust React app structure.


Install Yeoman and Reactux generator

$ yarn global add yo
$ yarn global add generator-reactux

Create new React project using CRA2 if you haven't done yet:

$ yarn create react-app --template typescript <project name>

$ cd <project name>

Before you start scaffolding your sources, you need to install some packages used in scaffolded sources.

Install needed dependencies:

$ yarn add redux react-redux redux-saga reselect typesafe-actions styled-components react-router connected-react-router history i18next react-i18next

and devDevdependencies:

$ yarn add --dev @types/styled-components @types/history @types/react-router @types/react-redux prettier typescript eslint-config-prettier eslint-plugin-prettier eslint-plugin-react eslint-plugin-react-hooks @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin @typescript-eslint/parser eslint-plugin-import

Then scaffold reactux base structure inside project root

$ yo reactux:base

Now just render the preconfigured component <AppRoot/> from root.tsx as your index.ts and you can start scaffolding components, pages and features.


Initialize theme, eslint, prettier, rootReducer, rootSaga, store, theme, i18n, types... (Run this once)

$ yo reactux:base

Generates all necessary redux, routing, theme, i18n structures... root.tsx will be created as application root with provider & router. You need to render it manually (e.g. in index.tsx)

Generate feature:

$ yo reactux:feature <feature name>

Generates a feature in feature folder, containing actions, reducer, saga and selector. All exposed trough index file.

Generate page:

$ yo reactux:page <page name>

Generates Redux Connected page component

Generate component:

$ yo reactux:component <component name>

Generates view scomponent


Generator allows to specify options and target folders and can be configured through .yo-rc.json

Default values for .yo-rc.json are:

  "generator-reactux": {
    "root": ".",
    "src": "src",
    "features": "src/features",
    "pages": "src/pages",
    "components": "src/components",
    "omit-tests": false