Yeoman generator for Redux and React

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Yeoman generator for Redux and React

fork and Modify from banderson/generator-redux, thanks very much

Features include in this Generator:


You must have Node.js w/NPM installed. I recommend installing via homebrew, but you should be able to use the pre-built installers if you prefer.

Also, generator-redux-starter is a Yeoman generator. If you do not have Yeoman installed, first run:

$ npm install -g yo

Installing the generator

To install generator-redux from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-redux-starter

Finally, initiate the generator:

$ yo redux-starter

Configuration Options

During install-time, you will be prompted to enter some information to help create the project structure and package.json file:

  • Application name (string): A human-readable name for your project, i.e. "My Redux Application"
  • Application Description (string): Describe your application in one sentence, to be used in package.json and the generated
  • Port (number): choose a port to run your development server on (defaults to :3000)

Running your scaffolded project

The generated project includes a hot-reloading static server. To start the server, run:

$ npm start

To run the server with the dev-tools enabled, run:

$ DEBUG=true npm start

To build for production, run:

$ npm run build