Yo Repo! A Yeoman generator for awesome repositories

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Yo Repo! A Yeoman generator for awesome repositories

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Table of Contents

About the Generator

Yo Repo! is a Yeoman generator, used for generating awesome repositories that exhibit the highest standards of repository management.


  • Complete, one-stop solution for starting any repo/package/etc.
  • Opinionated, implementing common standards and best practices.
  • Helpful, friendly and informative CLI prompts.
  • Pre-fill of prompt values using existing resources.


Install, or update, Yeoman:

npm install -g yo

Install Yo Repo! generator:

npm install -g generator-repo



Run Yo Repo! from your project directory:

cd path/to/your/project/directory
yo repo


Yo Repo! is developed using what Yeoman calls composability, described as; "a way to combine smaller parts to make one large thing". Yo Repo! is comprised of many sub-generators that are assembled into recipes based on individual requirements. These sub-generators can be called individually and even reused outside of the context of Yo Repo!


  • Git Init: yo repo gitinit
  • Package: yo repo package
  • License: yo repo license
  • Readme: yo repo readme
    • Badges/shields
  • Contributing: yo repo contributing
  • Roadmap: yo repo roadmap
  • Continuous Integration: yo repo ci
    • Travis CI
  • Dependencies: yo repo deps
    • Angular
    • Express
    • React
    • TypeScript

Command-line Interface (CLI)

# CLI Help
yo repo --help

# Run Yo Repo!
yo repo

# Run Yo Repo! sub-generator
# yo repo <generator>
yo repo readme

# Run a set of Yo Repo! sub-generators
# yo repo <generator> <generator> ...
yo repo license readme contributing

# CLI Help for sub-generators
# yo repo:<generator> --help
yo repo:readme --help


Submit an issue, in which you should provide as much detail as necessary for your issue.


Contributions are always appreciated. Read documentation to learn more.


Release details are documented in the file, and on the GitHub Releases page.


ISC License

Copyright (c) 2018 Sean Trane Sciarrone