Backend generator tha creates a boilerplate for a project that exposes REST APIs using restify.

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Yeoman restify-backend generator

This yeoman generator allows you to create a boilerplate project that uses restify as a REST server, bunyan as a logger, and mysql, mongodb or postgresql helper.


To create a quick project you have to install yeoman :

$ npm install -g yeoman

after this, you have to create a directory where the new project will be created:

$ mkdir myproject && cd $_

... and then create the project using the yeoman helper

$  yo restify-backend

You have to provide the needed information as the generator ask you.

This will create the following structure

  • lib/common.js : The helper methods to create a logger, a database connection and a query method (except for mongodb).
  • config/config.json : The configuration file that you have to customize and extend as you need.
  • index.js : The server entry point.
  • lib/http.js : The restify server that has the API end points for your application; this file has the reference to the API versions you can has (version 1.0.0.js in this case); of course, you can add more versions and you can serve as many versions as you need in the same server.
  • api/1.0.0.js : The logic that you are serving. You have to add methods as you need and configure those in http.js.
  • package.json : And, the dependencies file.

You can use nodemon to run your server to restart it as you change your code.