Yeoman Genertator to create new presentations with and reveal.js

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Reveal presentation generator

This generator creates a new presentation folder, containing index page, master page, slides and a config file, to specify reveal.js specific configuration options.

It is designed to be used with When used in conjunciton to the npm module: assemble-reveal-builder, assemble will use the contents of this folder, will create a new index page with the presentation, reveal config and the slides content won't be rendered as pages, but will be embeded in the index page.

Installing and usage

  1. Install yeoman
npm install -g yo
  1. Install the generator
npm install -g generator-presentation
  1. Then use the geneator, please note that it receives a parameter, in which you should set the code name of the presentation. This will be used to create a folder inside your presentations folder, and inside it, all the required files to start writing your presentation will be added.
yo presentation nameOfPresentation


The output of this generator will be:

|- presentations
|--- nameOfPresentation
|------ slides
|------ config.yml
|------ index.hbs

Example grunt config with

This folder should be added in your config, as pages to be built. For example:

 slides: {
        options: {
            layout: 'tpl-presentation.hbs',
            presentationPage: true
        files: [{
            cwd: 'presentations/',
            dest: 'dist/presentations/',
            expand: true,
            filter: 'isFile',
            extDot: ['md', 'hbs'],
            src: ['**/index.hbs', '**/master.hbs']

The master.hbs will be a copy of the index.hbs, but when you configure sockets, this will be the html the presenter will use, and the atendees, will use index.hbs, so, each time the presenter switches a slide, the atendees will have they current slide updated.

If you decide to use sockets, the socket id and socket key, will be generated and added to the master page by the generator.


  • Add slide subgenerator
  • Support other presentation frameworks