Quickly roll your own html5 PixiJS based Canvas games and apps

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Yeoman generator for quickly rolling CANVAS based HTML5 games or apps.

This is designed to be a really simple way of creating a new html5 game project, with the latest tools installed automatically and ready to use. Perfect for getting started quickly in game jams, or you just want an easy life.

Configurations are all included in the scaffold so customise as you like.


  • PixiJS v6 Canvas and WEBGL Rendering Engine
  • Babel for compiling ES6 niceness and JS modules back to ES5 which browsers can run.
  • Parcel v2 The zero configuration build tool including hot reload
  • Jest for delightful unit testing. Machete Don't test? He really really should, and so should you!


nb. yo is to install yeoman, you can remove yo from the following command if you have installed yeoman already.

npm i -g generator-rizzla yo

What do I need installed first?

npm requires nodejs to be installed on your machine. If the command above doesn't work, it's probably for this reason. Go here and get nodejs. npm will be installed automatically alongside.


mkdir your-app-name

cd your-app-name

yo rizzla

npm run build

npm start

Your new game will scaffold will automatically build and launch in your default browser and will hot reload whenever you save a change in the src folder


Inside your project just npm test

Now make some !tea and Enjoy!