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Yeoman generator

Getting Started

To install generator-sails-plugin-hook from npm, run:

npm install -g generator-sails-plugin-hook

Finally, initiate the generator:

yo sails-plugin-hook

What Does It Generate ?

It generates a scaffold of a Sails Plugin Hook, which is simply a sails installable hook (!/documentation/concepts/extending-sails/Hooks/installablehooks.html ) with some aditional plugin features that allows its files to be merged upon sails lift process.

The generated plugin was developed to use the same app anatomy as a Sails App (!/documentation/anatomy/myApp ), but it has only support for Controllers, Models, Policies, Services and config:


You would create your files in these folders just as you would create files in a newly created Sails App.

Once your hook-plugin has been installed in a Sails App, those files would be merged into sails upon lift process.

Sails Plugin Hook Example

To get an idea on what is a Sails Plugin Hook check out the following: