BLLEB - Scissors: A Generator for BLLEB Frontend

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What is this

Scissors - A generator for BLLEB Frontend

Install and Use

Before install the generator:

  • Install yeoman: npm install yo -g

Install the generator

  • Install the generator globally: npm install generator-scissors -g
  • Create a directory where you want to run your app
  • Go inside the directory and run: yo scissors
  • A Web App structure is created.
  • Run npm install to install dependencies
  • To run the app: npm start, the app is accessible at localhost:3000
  • If you want to run in debug mode DEBUG=app ./bin/www

Update the generator

If you want to get the last generator version: npm update generator-scissors -g


This generator is a work in progress. You can and should contribute. Create an issue if you think something can be added.

Frontend Template

The frontend template is at /app/templates.
This template is a working app, you can navigate to the template and test it, add modules, and them update this repo.


The next section describe the modules and features of the boilerplate app:

Development Packages

  • Nodemon - watch for changes in files and restart the app
  • Grunt - for running tasks [you need to install yourself grunt-cli]
  • Mocha - For Unit and Integration Tests


  • ExpressJS - The mvc Framework
  • Express-Handlebars - HandleBars Template Engine for ExpressJS

Install and Run

  • to run the app in debug mode: DEBUG=app ./bin/www
  • to run the app normally: npm start

Template App Structure

  • public |___ css - the css files |___ js - the js files |___ vendor - vendor files, normally from bower packages |___ third_party - third-party js, normally packages not found in bower or our own plugins |___ images - the image medias |___ fonts - the fonts files