Yeoman generator generator that scaffolds out Sheer boilerplates

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Yeoman generator that scaffolds out Sheer boilerplates.

Getting started

This requires yo, CLI tool for running yeoman generators, to be preinstalled.

npm install -g yo

Please refer yeoman for further details.

npm install -g sarbbottam/generator-sheer
yo sheer

run grunt or gulp for generating the css files.


Any customization required, need be carried out at src/modules/module.css and src/variables/variable.css.

All the Sheer variables currently in use are listed at src/variables/variable.css.

  • src/variables/variable.css should be updated for any custom requirement (color, spacing, padding, font) .
  • src/modules/modules.css needs to updated for new rules/styles.

Should there be need to create mutiple files at src/modules/ and/or src/variables/, they need to be included at src/main.css.

Copyright (c) 2015, Sarbborram Bandyopadhyay. All rights reserved. Copyrights licensed under the MIT License. See the accompanying LICENSE file for terms.