Creates boilerplate pages/components/etc to speed up development

Usage no npm install needed!

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Generator for the kraken app & potentially for more apps built with quasar framework. Allows you to


// install yeoman globally
npm i yo -g

// install this generator
npm i generator-shrimp --save-dev

How to run

yo shrimp [--flags]
None of the flags are required:
--default:  If you want to skip some basic configuration questions. Look at DEFAULTS section.
--rm: If you want to delete.
--page: If you want to generate/remove a page.
--component: If you want to generate/remove a component.
--storeModule: If you want to generate/remove a storeModule.
--force: If you don't want to be prompted on file operations.

yo shrimp --default
yo shrimp --default --page
yo shrimp --default -rm --page

Defaults (skipped if --default flag is on)

-- page Related
routeFile     -> ./src/router/routes.json
pageDirectory -> ./src/views
isChild		  -> false

-- component Related
componentDir -> ./src/components

-- module Related
moduleDir -> ./src/store
moduleJsonFile -> ./src/store/storeModules.json