A Yeoman Generator for a simple Typescript project structure

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A Yeoman Generator for creating a simple Typescript project structure.

Generates a Typescript project structure corresponding to the below diagram.

+-- <project-name>/
|   +-- src/
|   |   +-- index.ts
|   +-- package.json
|   +-- tsconfig.json
|   +-- tslint.json
|   +-- LICENSE
|   +--
|   +--
|   +-- [.git/]
|   +-- [.gitignore]



  1. Install Yeoman globally
npm i -g yo
  1. Install simple-ts
npm i -g generator-simple-ts
  1. Run generator
yo simple-ts
  1. Follow the prompts.

Composing with other Generators



1. Project Name

The name for the project. Will be used for the name of the top level directory holding the project.

2. Version

The initial version number to use for the project. Defaults to 0.1.0

3. Description

The description of the project.

4. Author

The author of the project's name.

5. Email

The author's email address.

6. License

The type of license to use for the project. Offers a list of options.

7. Git

Whether to initialise a git repository in the project root.

8. Git provider

The Git provider for the remote repo. Currently supports: Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket.

9. Git user

The Git username to use in generating the repository URL. Only prompts when the option to initialise a git repository was selected. Generates a URL in the form in the package.json:<github-user>/<project-name>.git