Generator allowing you to scaffold documentation for your projects.

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Need to document you project with schemas (UML, Graphs, ...), a PDF report or slides? Skjöl is for you! Skjöl allows you to scaffold the needed configuration into your project to be able to generate documentation only based on simple text files.

Skjöl is a group of generators and contains the following:

  • kroki: scaffolds a docker-compose stack that uses kroki to generate diagrams and schemas from text files
  • slides: scaffolds a slide show based on Markdown and ouputs a reveal.js presentation with pandoc
  • report: scaffolds a docker-compose stack that uses pandoc to generate a PDF from a Markdown file

Now you can wonder why this generator is named skjöl. Simply because skjöl means documents in icelandic. That might be disappointing but that's why!


To install this generators on your system, run npm install --global generator-skjol.

Use the generators

You can then call the generators using Yeoman.

To scaffold slides documentation, run yo skjol:slides.

To scaffold diagrams documentation, run yo skjol:kroki.

To scaffold a report documentation, run yo skjol:report.