Yeoman generator for slack-slash app

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generator-slack-slash Build Status

Yeoman generator for slack-slash app and handler plugins.

Getting Started

If you're not familiar with Yeoman, you should start here.

Install yeoman

npm install -g yo

Install the generator

npm install -g generator-slack-slash

Generating a slack-slash app

Initiate the app generator:

yo slack-slash

Follow the steps

? Name your app:

Tell Yeoman what to call your app.

? Set up initial handlers?

Already know what handlers you want to include?

Optional steps for adding initial handlers:

? List handlers to use (comma separated):

Comma-separated list of handler modules

? What is the /:command for [handler]?

Command used to invoke the handler from Slack (excluding '/')

? Environment variable for your slack token:

Environment variable name for the handler token

Generating a slack-slash handler

Initiate the handler generator:

yo slack-slash:handler

Follow the steps

? What's the slash command for your handler? (/:command)

Command used to invoke the handler from Slack (excluding '/')

? Whats the name of your handler?

Module name. Defaults to slack-slash-[command].

? Give a short description for your handler:

Description will be used in the generated file.