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generate npm package

This is cli to create boiler plate for npm package project.

Getting Started


npm install -g ns-package-gen


$ ns-package-gen


Options Default Description
project name create-npm-package npm package name or project name
semacntic releease false or No add semantic denpendencies
travis setup false or No config travis setup .travis.yml
install dependencies false or No install project dependencies after creating project

Semantic Release

npm install -g semantic-release-cli
cd your-module
semantic-release-cli setup

Travis CI Setup

Project Structure


File/Folder Descriptions
project/index.js entry file while creating npm module.
src/lib/index.js main file that you want to publish in npm.
src/lib/index.spec.js test file for above file.
styles/ folder for styles if you are creating UI npm module.
test/index.js for testing build files after build.
.travis.yml for Travis CI


  • Run project ( will start project with watch-bootstrap and watch-custom )
    npm start

  • Run Test ( will run test for src/lib/index.spec.js )
    npm run test

  • Build ( will bundle the src/lib/index.js to /build folder )
    npm run build

  • Test Build ( will test the build module /build/index.js )
    npm run test-build

Create Simple NPM package

cd your-module

Install Dependencies

npm installl

Add Git Link


"repository": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": "git_repository_link"

npm publish - Using Semanctic Release

npm install -g commitizen
npm run commit
git push

npm publish - without Semantic Release LInk

npm build
npm login
npm publish