Generate a Stormpath and Express web application that runs on Heroku.

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Generate a Stormpath and Express web application that runs on Heroku.


So, you want to build an Express web app? Great! There's no better (or more awesome) way to build an Express app than with Stormpath! Stormpath is an API service that allows you to instantly add user accounts and security into your web apps. You can register new users, log them in, log them out, assign groups and permissions, generate API keys, etc!

In short: it's totally awesome.

What this project gets you is a really nice, minimal, Express.js app with Stormpath already plugged in. And if you're a Heroku user, you'll be able to instantly deploy your app to Heroku as well!


Good, I'm glad you're on board!

To get started, you'll need to install a few npm modules:

$ sudo npm install -g yo generator-stormpath

Next, you've got to create a project directory -- this is where your code will be located. For example, if your site is going to be called, you might do this:

$ mkdir
$ cd

Lastly, to use the stormpath generator, just run:

$ yo stormpath

This will run the generator, and initialize your new project!


After you've bootstrapped your project in the previous section, you'll most likely want to take a look at your project code. This generator is pretty minimal, so there's not much it comes with.

  • package.json - Your package information.
  • index.js - The 'starting point' of your Express app. This holds your middleware configuration stuff.
  • routes/index.js - Your routes. Feel free to customize these however you want.

If you're using Heroku, you'll also have an additional file:

  • Procfile - This tells Heroku how to run your app.

Now that you have this minimal skeleton app -- write your code and have fun!

To see what Stormpath is doing for your, read through our Express-Stormpath documentation as well =)


Version 0.1.0: 11/5/2014

  • First release!