Yeoman generator for a basic Node/Express app including PostgreSQL.

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An updated version of the Galvanize Express Generator made by Michael Herman.

Yeoman generator for a Node/Express boilerplate setup with PostgreSQL, using the following modules (for more details look at the package.json in app/templates):

  • Bluebird for Promises
  • Mocha for testing, chai for assertions, and chai-http for server-side testing
  • knex for PostgreSQL queries, supported by pg
  • Swig for templating
  • connect-flash for easy messaging to users
  • bcrypt for salt/hashing secure information like passwords
  • Passport for authentication, with the LocalStrategy already setup.
  • cookie-parser and cookie-sessions for powerful cookies.

It uses Gulp for local development and builds. Builds use:

  • Browserify for client-side javascript
  • Babel (gulp) for ES6 compatibility
  • JSHint for linting
  • Browser-sync for local development

On the client-side, it includes generic Bootstrap and jQuery.

Quick Start

  1. Install Yeoman (if necessary) - npm install -g yo
  2. Install the generator - npm install -g generator-sudexpress
  3. Run - yo sudexpress
  4. Install modules - npm install
  5. Fire up the server - gulp (or create a build - gulp build)
  6. In .env, customize your environment variables, (dev and production databases, cookie secrets, session secret) then add .env to .gitignore.