A Yeoman generator for Suit-lite, a lite version of Suit-baze

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Suit-lite generator Build Status

Suit-lite is a lite version of Suit-baze


I made this generator in case I need quick boilerplate to test/experiment something new. Since the purpose is just for test/experiment, no build system and preprocessing needed. That's why it called Suit-lite

Getting Started

Make sure you have node and yeoman installed.

Install generator by running

npm install generator-suit-lite -g

if it doesn't work, you might need sudo command



yo suit-lite

By default it will generate:

  • index.html
  • bower.json
  • css/
    • normalize.css
    • main.css
  • img/
  • js/
    • main.js

This generator also provide jQuery and Bootstrap in case you need it.


MIT License