Yeoman generator for opensource swift projects

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A generator for opensource swift

Getting Started

  • Dependencies
    • Node.js:
      • brew install node for macOS
      • choco install nodejsfor Windows OS
    • Yeoman: npm install -g yo
  • Install: npm install -g generator-swift


  • yo swift shows a wizard for generating a new swift app or library
    • For using swiftlint must install this with: brew install swiftlint

Template projects

Full, template based projects available in generator:

  • Empty Application
  • Console Application
  • Class Library

Additional for the Console Application and the Class Library

Now its provided a gulpfile for do an lintcheck for the swiftfile's This is only available on macOS. Init with npm install

- Call with `gulp`do a linkcheck and build
- Call with `gulp lint`only the lintcheck.

Subcommand available:

- `swift:class` - Create a new class template in the Sources Directory
    - `swift:class` `name` The new class name
    - `swift:class` `path/name` write the template in the subdirectory


Apache-2.0 © Jürgen Mülbert

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