A Tam Tam generator for Yeoman

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A npm package generator for Yeoman.

Build with grunt

Todo (Angular Subgenerator)

  • Subgenerators for adding controllers, services, directives through command line. yo new:controller etc



  • Quickfix autoprefixer
  • remove tamtam bower server from .bowerrc


  • Make it possible to deploy with Bamboo. So removed grunt-prompt and added bower to package.json
  • Fixed loop caused by autoprefixer
  • Fixed directory pointer for watching bootstrap scss files
  • Included wiredep to automatically insert bower packages into your html
  • Remove bower from bower.json after install and moving to /libs/


  • Fixed showstopper, grunt-sass issues with node-sass


  • Remove console log's after uglifying
  • Added angular-ui-router as option Angular Subgenerator
  • Added mocha.json to gitignore generated by bamboo reporter
  • Added grunt-cli local for bamboo
  • Fixed relative path on HTML generator in scripts for concatening.


  • Official major release


  • Added option for using unit testing with Karma and Mocha and e2e tests with protractor


  • Move bootstrap-sass from bower_components after bower installing inside bower_components folder
  • Added angular-i18n to bower components and will fetch the choosen language (angular subgenerator)
  • You can now run existing projects by choosing a project from a repo list (bitbucket) and clone them directly into your directory
  • You can now run 'grunt' and it will give you prompts what you would like to do (deploy, bump and local webserver options)
  • Added ngAnnotate for angular minifying. (angular subgenerator)
  • Updated npm packages to latest version in package.json


  • Removed Wordpress subgenerator
  • Removed if using IE8. We will only support IE10 > by default
  • Fix choosing projectname with spaces
  • Some structure changes to fit the guidelines


  • Fix modernizr with new version.



  • Added question if you use a CMS like Umbraco. In this case the Backend and Frontend will be devided (HTML Generator)


  • Fixed path on header includes to /


  • Changed name 'partials' to 'views' (Angular Subgenerator)
  • Added folders and example interceptors and transformers
  • Add locale i18n locale file base on language
  • Removed fileindex from gruntfile and npm
  • Removed LESS, Now we always go for SASS
  • Added version number


  • Split up the angular module into seperate config and run functions. (Angular Subgenerator)
  • Removed the config file from footer into seperate config.js script
  • Updated the .gitignore based on,bower,node,webstorm
  • Added language selection for the target group
  • Option to use the grunt-rev plugin for revisioning files


  • Built-in preview server with LiveReload
  • Automagically compile LESS & SASS
  • Automagically wire up your Bower components with bower-install.
  • Choose your subgenerator like: AngularJS, HTML, Wordpress
  • Choose your libraries like: AngularJS, jQueryUI, Modernizr etc
  • Optional - Twitter Bootstrap for SASS or LESS

Getting Started

First make sure you have Node.js and NPM (Node Package Manager) installed. After this do:

  • Install: sudo npm install -g yo
  • Install: sudo npm install -g generator-tamtam
  • Run: yo tamtam from every directory you want
  • Run grunt to start with prompts (questions) to help you with the right deployment options
  • Run grunt server to build your templates to the build/ folder with a local server with livereload and watchers (this wil be automatically done when you run yo tamtam
  • Run grunt dist to build and minify your project to the dist/ folder for distribution to production server
  • Run grunt dist:server to build and minify your project to the dist/ folder for distribution to production server with a local server with livereload and watchers
  • Run grunt test to run unit tests and the protractor e2e test (Angular Subgenerator)
  • Run grunt test:unit to run unit tests (Angular Subgenerator)
  • Run grunt test:e2e to run the protractor e2e test (Angular Subgenerator)

Yeoman Sub-Generators

  • Run: yo tamtam to choose a subgenerator
  • Run: yo tamtam:git to run the 'git' subgenerator (Clone existing project from bitbucket)
  • Run: yo tamtam:html to run the 'html' subgenerator (Start new HTML project)
  • Run: yo tamtam:angular to run the 'angular' subgenerator (Start new angular project)

Yeoman Generators

Yeoman travels light. He didn't pack any generators when he moved in. You can think of a generator like a plug-in. You get to choose what type of application you wish to create, such as a Backbone application or even a Chrome extension.


MIT License