A Yeoman generator for Tempo UI prototype projects

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Tempo UI Prototype Generator for Yeoman

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A Yeoman generator for Tempo prototype

What is this?

A Yeoman generator for Tempo UI prototype projects. It generates an Angular skeleton project with a Tempo template with AUI (Atlassian User Interface) UI elements. The skeleton project is optimized for rapidly creating prototypes and supports maintaining datasets for different scenarios.

To install generator-tempo-prototype from npm, run:

npm install -g generator-tempo-prototype

Now you are ready to create a tempo-prototype. Create and browse to a folder where you want your new prototype and initiate the generator:

yo tempo-prototype

Finally, to run the prototype, type:

npm start

What is Tempo?

A set of agile PPM solutions that seamlessly integrate into Atlassian's JIRA platform. Check out Tempo for JIRA

What is a UI prototype?

A piece of code that enables you to design and envision the system and explore the problem space with your stakeholders.

For our purposes we want high fidelity prototype but with minimal overhead during the design process. We assume our prototype projects are prototype only, and will not be further developed into an actual system. Many components can be used from the prototype since most of it consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Check out Software prototyping on Wikipedia

What is AUI?

Stands for Atlassian User Interface. A tailor-made frontend library for creating a user interface according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines. Check out AUI

What is AngularJS?

A client side MVW (Model-View-Whatever) JavaScript framework. Check out AngularJS

What is Yeoman?

A project scaffolding tool to help you kickstart new projects. Check out Yeoman

To install Yeoman, run:

npm install -g yo